6 Day Wildlife & Culture Kidepo Tour

leopard-kidepoKidepo is well known for its unique composition of wildlife that coexists with the dry mountain forests, rock kopjes capped hilltops and the huge open savannah. Kidepo hosts about 500 birds and 77 mammal species. You will have an opportunity to visit the Karamoja region as well.

Day 1: Kampala to Kitgum
Your journey to this gorgeous national park will begin in the morning at around 8 am in the morning where you will be driving from Kampala to Kitugum. You will stop in Gulu for lunch then proceed to Gulu where you will spend the night. In Gulu you will be able to stop at markets and shops to buy anything of your choice. In Kidepo you have a cook who will see to it that have enough to eat and drink. You will be spending the night at Bomah hotel found right outside Kidepo valley national park.

Day 2: Kitgum – Kidepo National Park
Kidepo Valley national park sits in the rugged semi arid valley that lies between the borders of Uganda, Sudan and Kenya towering at an altitude of 914m-2750m above sea level. The 53 year old park was nominated to be Africa’s leading parks. Over 475 species of birds and 77 species of mammals all find comfort in the confines of this park. Narus and Kidepo are the 2 seasonal rivers that cross the park and these just leave pools of water in the dry season which the animals survive on. You will enjoy game drives in the park mainly in the late afternoon or evening. You will enjoy your own prepared food prepared by the cook you moved with but you will have to buy the food items and in case you don’t want specially prepared food, then you will find a restaurant to eat at.

Day 3: Morning and Afternoon Game Drives
The game drives will continue day 3 with a ranger helping you to spot the different animals like the lions, bush pigs, buffalos, ostriches, bush duikers, leopards, elephants and so much more. You will also see the hot springs via the palm tree.

Day 4: Visit the Karamojongs Culture
The Karamojong culture is very rich and interesting and today you willexplore everything there is to know about it. You will visit the homesteads in the well manyatas, try a few of the locally prepared dishes as well as enjoy story telling. In the afternoon if you like you may go for another game drive.
Day 5: Visit the War Conflict Survivors in the Afternoon and Dinner with a Local Family
You will today go visit the war survivors in Lira where you will hear horrific stories which will leave you almost to tears. You will be able to see how tremendously they have picked themselves for this disturbing and turbulent time and how they are coping with their new lives. You will spend the night at Lillian towers.

Day 6: Transfer to Entebbe for your Flight in the Evening
From Lira you will be driving back to Kampala after having an awesome time in the North. The drive is somewhat lengthy therefore you will need to leave early so that you can be in time for your flight back home.