7 Day Gorillas & Nyiragongo Volcano

Nyiragongo volcano

Nyiragongo Volcano in Rwanda

This 7 day itinerary begins right a way in Kigali and explores the Virungas exhaustively including 2 gorilla treks and a night spent at the top of Nyirangongo volcano. It is very exciting and you will enjoy every bit of time you will spend trust me!

Day 1: Arrive into Kigali
Our staff will receive you at the airport on arrival and take you to Kigali Serena hotel a five star hotel where you will relax and rest after the long journey. From the pool to liberating gardens, there is alot to enjoy at Serena and the adventure will begin right there.

Day 2: From Kigali to Virunga
In the morning, our staff will once again pick you from Serena after breakfast and he will drive you to Mikeno lodge found in Virunga via Goma. The lodge offers thrilling views of nature that shade off from the riftvalley and the volcanoes of Mikeno and Nyiragongo. You will most probably arrive in the afternoon just in time for lunch. The rest of the day will be spent here at the lodge enjoying the views and relaxing as you prepare for more amazing adventure in the days to come. The virugas boost of an abundance of wildlife including blue monkeys, baboons, many species of birds, colobus monkeys, chimpanzees and so much more.

Day 3: First Gorilla Trek
You will make your way to Bukima in the company of our staff for a quick check and brief before setting out into the wild in search of these adorable creatures. Depending on the gorilla family you have been assigned and its location, the trek may last between 2 – 6 hours to find them and once in their presence you will be given a maximum of 1 hour to enjoy in their company. Thereafter you head back to Bukima tented camp and here you will have the afternoon all to yourself. The camp was built in search a way that from here you can have incredible views of Mt. Mikeno in the south toweing at an altitude of 4437m over the gorilla habitat. Down across the valley is Mt. Nyiragongo whose lava lake shades off a red glow in the night. Do not miss to catch a sight of that or even take pictures if you can.

Day 4: Second Gorilla trek
Just like the previous day, you will change the gorilla family which you visited yesterday because each family has a unique way in which the behave or carry themselves. In the afternoomn you may choose to visit the Frankfurt zoological society which is very close to the lodge. Here you will get the opportunity to see chimps.

Day 5: Climb the Nyiragongo Volcano and spend the night on its crater rim
Climbing Nyiragongo volcano begins at the base of the volcano in the morning at about 10:30am after your morning breakfast. The trek is usually 1 and it will be helpful if you find other tourists and go as a group. It is way more interesting. At the top you will enjoy so many wonderful views around and of the biggest lava lake ever you will come across. In the night you will enjoy the red glow that the lake gives off. You will be accompanied by a cook who will take care of your meals while there so you will not starve at any given moment. Nyiragongo Cabanas is within a walk distance from the rim and this where you will spend the night.

Day 6: Transfer back to Goma
You will enjoy the top of the volcano for the last time and after a simple breakfast, you will begin to descend from the volcano after bidding fare well to the rangers and guides and arrive at its base at around 11 or noon. You will then freshen up and get a well deserving rest after the night on the volcano.

Day 7: Transfer back to Kigali International airport
Having enjoyed all these days, its now to say your final goodbyes. You will leave Goma and head back for Kigali just in time for your flight. I hope you don’t forget to capture every moment.