6 Day Rwanda Primates Trekking in Nyungwe Forest


At the border of Rwanda, south west of the country you will find Nyungwe rainforest which is bordered by Lake Kivu to the South and Democratic Republic of Congo to the West. Nyungwe forest is undoubtfully the best preserved montane forest in the central Africa. It sits in the watershed between the basins of river Nile to the east and River Congo to the west.

Day 1: Arrival Kigali
Whatever the time of your arrival, our team will be right there to welcome you at the airport. However the advantage with an early arrival is that you will get the opportunity to visit the city of Kigali as well as memorial sites for the genocide. You will find very good accommodation at Kigali Serena hotel for a very ideal rest after your long journey. The hotel is located right in the capital.

Day 2: Kigali/Nyungwe Forest National Park
You will leave Kigali today and head to Nyungwe forest national park. About 500 chimpanzees live here and chimpanzee trekking can’t be any better with all these animals to yourself. This can take from 1 hour to a full day depending on the location of the chimpanzees. This however should not be taken for granted as these animals can be very unpredictable and you can move long distances in search of them.

After the chimpanzee trekking you will return to your hotel where you will be provided with mouth watering food and then rest. Other activities you may want to engage in include waterfalls guided hike, adventure canopy guided walk, nature walks and birding.

Day 3: Nyungwe Forest National Park/Chimpanzee Trekking
Day 3 will just be a continuation of day 2, you get to enjoy more of the chimpanzee trekking but this time you will change the family of chimpanzee you saw the previous day. So take your time and enjoy these amazing animals that have a close likeness to mankid.

Day 4: Nyungwe Forest National Park/Other Primates Trekking
Just like the previous 2 days, you are going to still enjoy trekking but this time round other primates and not chimpanzees. After your breakfast, you will register at the park’s reception. You will trek animals like the blue monkeys, Vervet monkeys, the Black & White Colobus monkey, grey-cheeked Mangabeys to mention but a few. You can as well engage in a canopy walk, water fall hiking, birding and nature walks. Accommodation is available at Nyungwe forest lodge, Top view hotel and Gisakura guest house.

Day 5: Nyungwe Forest National Park/Lake Kivu-Kibuye
Kibuye is a lake side town and is one of the busiest towns around Lake Kivu which is north of Nyungwe national park. The 2650 square kilometre lake shimmers in the valleys of Rwandaand is the larget freshwater lake in Rwanda. It is surrounded by 3 towns which cave out the incredible picturesque of the lake shore. The towns are Kibuye, Gisenyi and Cyangugu. Lieing between the dramatic hedges of the riftvalley and the chains of volcanic mountains of the Virungas, the irregular shores of Lake Kivu are the basis for the numerous inlets for the myriad forest fringes waterfalls and peninsulas. From boat riding to water skiing, enjoy waterfun activities at the lake.

Day 6: Lake Kivu-Kibuye – Kigali – Depart
Before leaving for Kigali today, you can enjoy fun activities at the shores of Lake Kivu like swimming and after lunch you can then drive back to Kigali just in time to catch your flight. This breathe taking trip around the country will leave envying the inhabitants of this country.