6 Day historical, Cultural and Wildlife Safari


This is a trip in which you will feel like a Rwandan at the end of the day after getting to know all about the culture of Rwandans, sharing their happy and sad encounters they have gone through. You will visit several genocide memorial sites like Nyamata, Ntarama, Kigali memorial centers. You will engage in various activities in the wilderness of Rwanda’s forests.

Day 1: Arrive Kigali international airport
On arrival you will be picked by our guide from the airport and you will be taken to your hotel preferably Kigali Serena Hotel to rest after the long journey
Day 2: Visit Ntarama & Nyamata memorial visit & depart for Ruhengeri
The first visit will be at Ntamara church which was turned into a memorial site. This is one of the places where mass killings took place during the genocide and about 5000 people were all massacred right there. It is located in Bugasera region and it is just a remainder of the brutalising encounter that paralysed the whole of East Africa and you will get the opportunity to hear all these happenings and also see the preserved bodies of the victims for yourself. It is located only 30 kilometers south of the capital. From here you will go to Nyamata memorial site another church that was centre for the killings. About 2500 people were ruthlessly killed as well here. Graphic and audio-visual displays can be accessed here showing mass rape and brutalisation of women sing HIV as a deliberate weapon during the genocide. This is not an exciting trip but this will show you how innocent people suffered.

Day 3: Gorilla tracking
You will meet your guide at the park’s headquarters in the morning after breakfast for a briefing before you can head out to trek the famous mountain gorillas. You will be assigned a guide and a gorilla family to trek which can take you between 2-6 hours before you can find them. Once there you will be given up to maximum of 1 hour with them. This experience is so thrilling and you will be amazed to find the closeness these animals have with mankind. Aside the gorillas you will be immersed in the intimacy of the rain forest which has numerous wildlife.

Day 4: Golden monkey tracking & intercultural exchange
The fourth day is dedicated to tracking golden monkeys in Volcanoes national park. The dense stands of bamboo which are time to time interspersed with open glades are home to golden monkeys. The guides who are well versed with this habitat will lead you and these will chase themselves around in circles above your head playfully jumping from tree to tree. You can only be int heir presence for a maximum of an hour. You will also come across adult mother monkeys caring for their offspring, feeding them which shows the natural instinct of being a mother which also spreads to animals. You will be amazed believe me. You will then return to your residence for lunch before heading off to the local brewers where you will see the local way of processing beer from bananas and if you like you may join them and later relax and enjoy the beer fresh from the brewery.

Day 5: Depart for Gisenyi
You will leave for Gisenyi in the morning after your morning meal and your first stop will be at Imbabazi Orphanage which was founded by Rosamond Hasley Carr in 1994. She formed it mainly to care for the orphaned children in the insurgency and the orphanage since then has seen more than 400 children pass through their care. Many are now adults and living with their foster families. Roz got a life award from Volvo in 2004 for her incredible work and a documentary about her life in now in production. She passed on in 2006 but her legacy still carries on and the orphanage is growing stronger each time. While here you will fall in love with these jolly and clean children and at the same time be amazed at the amount of work that these people do caring for these children who look very healthy. In case you would like to contribute to the welfare of these children, you can as well talk to the administration of the orphanage and the contribution will be welcomed.
You can also visit the local community and enjoy their entertainment as you sip some tea. You may even join them if you like, you will quickly learn the basics and enjoy with this warm loving people. The afternoon will later be spent in Gisenyi one of the towns surrounding Lake Kivu. You will also go to Lake Kivu, the country’s largest lake and enjoy boat rides, birding or enjoying the sunset. Then you can rest at Lake Kivu Serena hotel where you will enjoy delicious food and comfortably relax.

Day 6: The depart
Depending on the time for your flight, you may want to enjoy a little more of Lake Kivu before you return to Kigali or leave immediately after breakfast, either way you will enjoy every bit of the trip and you will have a story to tell those who missed back at home.