6 Day Gorillas & Chimps Tour Rwanda


This 6 day tour will take you to great destinations all over Rwanda including Volcanoes National park in Ruhengeri to trek gorillas, Lake Kivu in Gisenyi for the ideal relaxing and canoe ride and then an adrenaline filled canopy walk or trekking chimpanzees in the depth of Nyungwe Forest park.

Day 1: To Volcanoes National Park
On arrival you will be received by our professional guide for a city excursion around the country’s capital. You will have a splendid experience seeing the busy yet clean city that is a beehive of activities. Thereafter you will proceed to Ruhengeri where Virunga national park is located. Dazzling volcanic chains which give off a gorgeous view of beautiful terraced hills which are perfectly put together. Right outside the park is a mid-range hotel called Home Inn.

Day 2: Gorilla Trekking in Volcanoes National Park
An exciting morning game drive awaits this day but first you will need to stalk bouts of energy so you will have a good breakfast. Then you will be taken through the Switzerland of Rwanda which will captivate you with its natural beauty immediately. To trek gorillas you will need to move into the depth of the strange and thrilling rain forest. There you will be welcomed by chanting colourful birds, the unique and rare golden monkeys that run about in circles jumping playfully from tree to tree and elusive populations of elephants and buffalos. After this tiresome but exciting activity, you will have to rest and relax to prepare for the next day.

Day 3: To Lake Kivu
Today is dedicated to resting and relaxing after the previous energy draining though exciting activity. You will drive to Lake Kivu in the morning after breakfast to relax and also enjoy a canoe ride to the hot springs. The sunset at Lake Kivu coupled with sundowner views of fishermen in their dugout boats is very captivating and it is only befitting if you would wait and see it for yourself.

Day 4: Drive to Nyungwe Forest National Park
Get sight of the magnificient views of nature and Lake Kivu as you drive to Nyungwe Forest National park. The road leading there was specially designed for that. On arrival you will have lunch, relax and await tomorrow’s escapade at Gisakura Guest house.

Day 5: Chimpanzee trekking or Canopy Walk
Chimpanzee trekking will begin i the morning after breakfast with a briefing at the park’s headquarters where you will also be assigned to a guide. The guide will lead you into the forest where you will get sight of the chimpanzee as well as a canopy walk where you will move to the tunes of birds humming to unique songs, you and i cannot reproduce. Those are the incredible things of the jungle you will encounter. After the days’ activity you will head back to the guest house to relax and munch to delicious food.

Day 6: To Kigali via Butale National Musuem
Today you will be heading back to Kigali but first you will pass via Butale to visit the national museum where you will see different historical of Rwanda then later head to the airport to catch your flight back home.